Thai Massage Tel Aviv

מסאז תאילנדי תל אביב עיסויים וטיפולי גוף

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Thai Massage Tel Aviv

The Thai massage Tel Aviv is a process of human touch that includes massages and slow pressures in areas of soft tissues, tendons and muscles, performed using massage joints, stretching for body flexibility and various exercises to stimulate and balance blood circulation.

The stretches and exercises include forceful contact combinations between the legs and hands of the masseuse towards the patient.

What will you get in a Thai massage Bali massage Tel Aviv

During the Thai massage, pressure is applied to areas of special sensitivity along the body which are called the "energy lines" ("meridians" in Chinese medicine). According to the method we apply, the body receives heat, what is called "balanced energies" and healthy blood flow.

The pressing technique is based on circular movements at points that constitute "energy nodes" (pressing points). 

Among the many benefits of the Thai massage Tel Aviv

Releases blockages in the system & Blood and lymph and relieves 

  • Mental Stress
  • Back Pain
  • Headache
  • Muscle Pain
  • Sore feet
  • Arthritis Pain
  • Insomnia 

The use of oils as a basis for the massage improves the flexibility of the body parts, such as the neck, back, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms and legs.

The use of oil is very beneficial to the body and relieves the feeling of fatigue and heaviness that characterize the exhausting modern life.

The oil increases vitality, creates a wonderful feeling of freshness and enables energy regeneration in the body. The Thai massage can also be performed without oils, just ask for a dry Thai massage. 

We are located at Carmel 16 Tel Aviv. Come and enjoy a professional and excellent Thai massage!

To Order a Service Please Call >> 055-5585716

Bali Massage - HaCarmel 16 Tel Aviv - is a massage and massage center located in Tel Aviv and includes beds and treatment chairs of the highest level.

Our dedicated and professional massage team will give you an experience of calmness, peace and care for body and mind.

Lie on the treatment bed, listen to the quiet music and surrender to an experience of pleasure, release and health as only the Thais know how to produce.

All our masseuses are professional and highly experienced, who know how to tailor the perfect experience for you.

All you have to do is say "light, medium or strong" and from there, they will take it. 🙂

To order all types of massages

To Order a Service Please Fill Out This Form>>>

Confirmation Will be given by phone, Payment Only on spot.

Thai Massage

Thai Royal/Thai Oil

  • 50 Minutes 240 NIS
  • 60 Minutes 280 NIS
  • 75 Minutes 330 NIS
  • 90 Minutes 370 NIS

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