Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage

עיסוי צוואר גב כתפיים תאילנדי

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This massage deals with releasing tension and pressure from the back area and the shoulder girdle. Areas that store huge loads and pressures. We are all familiar with the feeling of pleasure and relief that a few presses on the shoulder blades provide. The massage helps to release tight muscles and combines techniques from the Thai massage and deep tissue massage.

The massage allows the release of stiff neck, back pain, joint, and muscle pain. 

A Stiff neck is usually caused after sleeping at night, as a result of a bad head placement, sometimes the neck will also get caught during the day suddenly. When the upper back muscles contract (shoulder blades, shoulders and nape) we can already predict that the neck may be caught. The treatment of a stiff neck is performed by massaging the area, performing stretching to flex and lengthen the neck muscles, in addition to heating and relaxing the neck muscles. All of these, enable the neutralization of pain and prevention of future pain. Muscles contracted in the back, shoulder blades and shoulders significantly impair the quality of life and severely limit them.

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Neck, Back & Shoulders

Shiatsu Massage

  • 30 Minutes 160 NIS
  • 45 דקות ₪210
  • 60 Minutes 260 NIS

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